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New-look Talent site launches for summer

Jul 15, 2019 | News

By Anthony Nichols

Whether you are looking to book a DJ for a small private event or multiple events across various cities, Decadance Talent now has a new-look platform to help make the booking DJ’s easier and quicker. It also allows you to see which DJ’s are in which locations within the country, as well as what they play, so you can ensure you are getting the right artist for your events.

Decadance has also teamed up with additional musicians to offer clients a much wider group of artists, including orchestral musicians and vocalists.

Lots of companies stick to the tried and tested methods when it comes to marketing, and even though we all know that music is an emotive media form, and everyone is attracted to music, there is still a lore more potential for companies to use music in their everyday marketing to attract a higher footfall, with key targeted campaigns within the marketing of new products and services.

Even with social media marketing and ads, which is the more current and portable media, there are limitations in the attempt to try and entice your customers to you. Take retail brands as an example. Traditional methods such as TV and social media try and encourage customers off the sofa to travel to the shopping centre and into your store.

Having a DJ in your store on a specific day entices eager shoppers who are already in the shopping centre and near your store, who are already looking to purchase and will attract them into your store. They are much warmer customers eager to spend and being attracted into your store through something everyone loves … Music!

Having a DJ playing the right music helps you add to your event, and there are a multitude of different promotions and things which can be done to enhance the DJ being at your event. Even using the social media tools such as Facebook live have a direct effect on buying powers.

Check out the new-look site for Decadance Talent, and give the team a call if you are looking for a DJ or artist for your next event.