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Decadance hits Spotify with Floorfiller content

Jul 15, 2019 | News

By Anthony Nichols

If you listen to Decadance on-air, you’ll know there’s a feature entitled #thefloorfiller; a track played half way in the show each week aimed at helping to promote an artist and their new track. These ‘Floorfiller’ tunes are tracks picked by the presenter and are the biggest tracks of the show that week.

Decadance likes to champion fresh new music and are now taking all of the ‘Floorfiller’ tracks each week, and compiling them into their own Spotify profile to help promote the artists and the tracks being played on the show.

This online playlist acts as a backup promotional tool to the online series of interviews and chats with the artists entitled ‘The Artist Lounge’ which you can find online via the Decadance website. Here members of the Decadance team have regular chats and catchups with big influential artists from the world of house.

You can listen to Decadance on-air via a number of stations worldwide; more details on the radio shows are available by going to the Decadance Radio page on the website. If you’re a fan of the shows you can check out where Decadance has its next popup party by going to the Decadance Events page online.