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Brand new council partnership for music networking events

Jul 15, 2019 | News

By Anthony Nichols

In a bid to make the city’s music and creative media scenes more legitimised and inclusive for all, Brighton Sound Social has forged a relationship with Brighton & Hove City Council as a brand-new steering group for music policy within the city.

This follows just over a year of work building up the free monthly networking events which are open to the public, and anyone connected to music in the city, in a bid to have the kinds of conversations which will in turn raise the cultural output of the city.

It is true that Brighton & Hove already hosts some impressive events such as The Great Escape, Brighton Pride and Fringe, however there is seemingly a bubbling undercurrent of frustration from promoters and artists surrounding the inclusion of local artist and the accessibility for local venues which is holding our city back, and there are other topics such as facilities and general licensing laws which have also been voiced as concerns.

Has Brighton & Hove slipped back in the cultural map of Europe when we talk about live music events and the issues surrounding them? Has there been years of neglect post the era of large-scale events such as ‘Big Beach Boutique’ which was arguably one of the largest events the city has seen in the last 20 years? Fatboy Slim taking to the stage and headlining his own massive beach party encouraging hundreds of thousands of visitors over a one-day event.

The plans set forward by the team behind Brighton Sound Social back in 2018 was to bring engaging and informative topics to the events, and to have influencer panels driving forward the conversation. This would then in turn change the way we look at music policy in the city and help support artists in their quest to grow.

Brighton Sound Social has come a long way since it began in the Spring of 2018. In just over 12 months the team have covered topics including mental health in music, equality for women in music, music piracy, merchandising as a revenue stream and producer collaborations.

BSS is also now an official supporter and partner of Brighton Music Conference, and each year the team moderate the content within the various theatres and conduct their own talk localising electronic music at the conference.

For artists who are in need of support there are brand new ‘help and support’ pages launching in the Summer 2019; ready for the new set of events which launch in the Autumn. The pages named ‘Creative Block’ aim to help artists with a range of challenges within the growth of their work in the music and media industries, and give artists a two stepped support network, from partners ‘Creative Block & Flow’ and ‘Help for Musicians UK’.

The first set of events within the new season look to be full of informative and useful discussions. Some of the topics for the new season look to build on existing discussions members said they wanted to build upon; they include media in promotion such as photography and video.

These will be supported with fresh new topics which members expressed their feelings on. These are a direct result of a recent survey carried out due to the new council partnership. Some of those topics include licensing and funding for new events within the city.

To register as a member for Brighton Sound Social you can register for free and add yourself into the Facebook Group here. Full details on the events and to get useful help and advice from the Creative Block support pages are available on the website.