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Level Up

This is an opportunity for you to get a step up wherever you are in the UK when it comes to a lot of the products and services our partners have to offer. It might be discounted drinks at some of the bars which you regularly go to already, or that online music store where you buy samples or site you download music from; ‘Level Up’ is a card for anyone who is a member of Decadance, Fest Intentions or the Sound Social events held across the UK.

Level up will unlock a variety of discounts, offers and benefits across music, drinks and much more.  On this page and the current offers page, you can check out what partners we work alongside, and more importantly what they have exclusively provided for you and all our Level Up members.


The Level Up Card

The Level Card is completely free of charge when you sign up to be a member. The scheme is operated and maintained by The Decadance Group; incorporating all the benefits and offers for members of Decadance, Fest Intentions, and the Sound Social branded networking events.

You can sign up to become a member of the Level Up scheme by visiting any of the websites listed above, as well as checking out the small ‘Terms & Conditions’ which are available for you to read through before signing up.


Obtaining Your Level Card

Currently depending on where you live in the UK will depend on whether you are able to collect your card in person from a member of our team, or whether you will need to have it posted.  These are the current available sites where you can collect your card:


Brighton & Hove – From Brighton Sound Social Networking Events (see website for event dates).

Cardiff – From Cardiff Sound Social Networking Events (see website for event dates).




If you are not based in the South East or South Wales and are unable to get to Brighton or Cardiff then once you have signed up simply give us a quick call on (+44) 0330 088 4181 so we can check your details and a member of our team can arrange to get your card posted out to you.

Not Just The Discount

As well as the discounts and offers which we provide from our partners we want to ensure you have other benefits of joining the Level Up Scheme. We have a range of content from across our brands which will allow you to get more out of being a member.

You can view exclusive content from Decadance, get priority and member only opportunities from our festival partners, and get priority content and material from our Sound Social networking events, including our other city events which are not your own city to allow you to have a broader access to content.

For the specific added benefits please visit the website where you first registered your membership, and your membership options page will have a Level Up information page with the benefits specific to that site.

Level Up
Level Up

Lost & Stolen Cards

If you lose your card or have it stolen, we can arrange to have a replacement made and sent back to you for a charge of £5.00. This is the charge to have a replacement card created and sent out to you. If you choose to collect the card the charge is reduced to just £3.00.

You will need your physical card for when you are out in venues and to collect other discounts, so if you lose or have your card stolen, simply fill in the form on the website and we can arrange for a new card to be sent to you.  It will mean that your membership number will change as a new card will be provided to you.

If you have any questions about the replacement of your Level Card, then you can contact a member of our team during office hours and we can help with any enquiries, simply call (+44) 0330 088 4181.


Level Up Terms & Conditions

Full terms and conditions of the Level Up scheme can be found by visiting the Terms & Conditions page.